The 13-th International PERC Trade Union Women’s School

The Trade Union Women’s School of the CEE&NIS Women’s Network took place on 6 and 7 November in Budapest with the financial support from the FES and the Belgium unions and was followed by the PERC Women’s Committee Conference on 8 November.

The main theme of the School this year concentrated on the empowering of the women’s structures in the CEE and CIS, on how to keep the women’s structures active and effective and how to better develop the programs and action plans on gender in the trade unions organizations in the region.

In the meeting participated around 50 women from the women’s structures in the CEE and CIS region and some colleagues from the Western European unions. ILO Budapest was invited together with the ITUC and ETUC equality officers. An exchange of experiences took place between the participants with emphasis on gender programs and actions plans.

The School has discussed also strategies and policies to combat discrimination in the labour market, strategies and mechanisms for empowering women in trade unions. The School was followed by the Annual Conference of the Women’s Network which worked on the recommendations to the PERC Women’s Conference.

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