The 3rd PERC youth conference

The 3rd PERC Youth Conference took place in Vienne, Austria, on 26 and 27 November upon invitation and support of the OeGb. The conference brought together more than 50 participants from different parts of Europe. During two days the conference debated the ITUC Building workers power agenda, highlighting experiences of different European national centres in organizing and mobilizing young workers into trade union movement. The conference was welcomed by Markus Strohmaier on behalf of the OeGB President, PERC Executive Secretary Grigor Gradev and the President of the PERC Youth Committee Tugba Balci.

Anton Leppik presented the ITUC work on preparation of the 3rd ITUC World Congress and the three themes which will guide the Congress and the ITUC in framework of Building workers power actions: organizing, achieving sustainable incomes and social protection for all and realizing rights. He also referred to the outcomes of the ITUC Global Poll, which shows overwhelming support to ITUC positions and policies in the societies and general recognition of importance of trade unions in developing more equal and just world. Yet, the unions of the ITUC family represent only 7% of the global workforce, hence the ITUC and unions have to focus of building its collective bargaining power.

Pierre Ledecq, the President of the ITUC Youth Committee presented the activities of the ITUC youth committee and get organized platform, while Brigitta Zsura , member of the PERC Women’s committee, introduced “Count us in” and “Decisions for life” campaign. Grigor Gradev, PERC Executive secretary spoke about the challenges the European trade union movement was facing in the times of permanently changing economic and social realities of the European societies.

Adrian Hermes and Andre Borg, on behalf of the ETUC Youth Committee, presented initiative taken by the ETUC on EU level, including Quality Charter on Internships, Social Pact for Social Europe, Social Dialogue on Youth Employment, Youth Guarantee and promotion of Apprenticeship schemes.

During the panel on Organising and outreaching young workers, experiences from Austria, Hungary, Georgia, Belgium and Bulgaria were presented and discussed. Another panel, on mobilizing young workers, engaged examples from Greece, Italy, Germany, Russia, Moldova, Lithuania, Serbia, and Belgium.

Working in groups the participants set up priorities for the ITUC PERC youth committee.

The Conference has elected the 3rd PERC Youth Committee.

Goda Neverauskayte from LPSK was elected as PERC Youth Committee President. Tural Suleimanov from AHIK, Ronja Endres from DGB and Lasha Bliadze from the GTUC were elected as Vice-Presidents. The rest of Committee members are Florian Marin from BNS, Dmitriy Chuikov from the FNPR, Olesya Briazgunova from the KVPU, Joanna Mulumba from the CSC and Adrienne Hangonyi from LIGA.

The conference was financially supported by the ILO-ACTRAV.

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