The 4th PERC General Assembly

The PERC General Assembly took place on 16 of December 2019 in Brussels in International Trade Union House. More than one hundred twenty delegates, observers and guest speakers from all around Europe took part in the meeting. Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, and Heinz Koller, ILO Director for Europe, addressed the Assembly.

Delegates approved the activity report for last 4 years and debated the programme for the next period 2020 – 2023, that defines PERC in the European trade union architecture and involvement in the policy process in the ITUC and the ETUC as well the priorities in interaction with external contexts and actors. The following priority policy areas are proposed to guide activities of PERC in the period 2020 - 2023:

I. Peace, democracy and rights in Europe and Central Asia

II. Regulating economic power: wages and social protection, genuine social dialogue and collective bargaining and promoting union values

III. Global shifts: just transitions, sustainable development and investments in people

IV. Equality: confronting rising and multiple inequalities, gender, wage and social protection gaps; taxation policies; migration in Europe

V. Organising and organisational development – the way to real power

Assembly discussed and adopted changes to the Constitution, that introduced new body - Steering Committee and changed some operational procedures of structure.

The ETUC General Secretary Luca Visentini was elected to the position of PERC General Secretary. The PERC Assembly also elected Irakli Petriashvili, leader of the Georgian Trade Union Confederation, as the President of PERC for second term. It elected 8 Vice-Presidents to form a balanced and committed leadership team to guide the PERC programme implementation and to support the President and the Secretariat.

The elected Vice-Presidents are:

Ms. Marija Hanževački, NHS, Croatia
Mr. Wolfgang Katzian, ÖGB, Austria
Ms. Nataliya Levytska, KVPU, Ukraine
Ms. Julie Lødrup, LO, Norway
Mr. Sattar Mohbaliyev, AHIK, Azerbaijan
Mr. Adam Rogalewski, OPZZ, Poland
Ms. Inga Ruginienė, LPSK, Lithuania
Mr. Mikhail Shmakov, FNPR, Russia

Also was adopted the statement of the 4th General Assembly of the Pan-European Regional Council on situation in Ukraine.

Statement of 4th GA on Ukraine