The first meeting of the 3rd PERC Youth Committee

The first meeting of the 3rd PERC Youth Committee took place in Brussels, 6 and 7 February. The Youth Committee debated the workplan for 2014 that would focus on organising agenda and on migration challenges in Europe.

The preparatory process for the ITUC Congress and youth participation and representation in it were debated and the Committee decided to propose some practical ideas and initiatives that trade union youth can implement in the course of the Congress work.

It was also decided to prepare a specific message (in a form of a video and / or a facebook badge) on integration of migrant workers in unions, with particular message of East-West solidarity. This action can be launched on the occasion of the next PERC youth event this year that would be on migration of young people and / or at 18 December - International migrants day.

In line with the ITUC building power agenda, the PERC Youth Committee would actively contribute to the Organising Academies (for the PERC and for the youth) and would also priorities collection of good practices for the ITUC Congress.

The decisions and the projects of the ETUC youth committee were presented, in particular, the quality apprenticeship initiative and youth and climate change publication.

The Committee also mapped different trade union networks existing in the European region.

The next Committee meeting will take place immediately after the PERC Summer School, which will be debating ITUC Congress outcomes and action plans.