The trade unions of the flood-stricken Russian Far East ask for help

The Association of Regional Trade Union Federations of the Far East have issued an appeal to all the trade unions of the world

Dear sisters and brothers!

The enormous flood continues at the Far East of Russia for the second month. The Khabarovsk Region, Amur Region and the Jewish Autonomous Region have been hit hardest. Several hundred of thousands of hectares of cultivated land are submerged; the tens of thousands of houses are submerged or damaged. Communications and roads are damaged also. Tens of thousands of people have lost their dwellings, and the other belongings. Thousands of people are living in the temporary shelters, including elderly people, and children. The flood is still threatening many communities at the lower reach of the Amur river. The winter will start here during the next weeks, and in November we will face the usual Siberian temperatures, in between -25 ºC and -40ºC.

The inhabitants of the flooded area are doing their best to overcome the disaster: they are building dikes, draining the water, repairing houses. But they need urgent help. There is a lack of money to buy food, warm clothes and footwear, body hygiene items, and the other staple commodities.
That’s why we are asking the international trade union movement for an act of solidarity – a financial help for the victims of the flood.

We would like to ask you to transfer your donations to the bank account of the regional trade union federation of Khabarovsk Region. The bank account details are:
Postal Address: 18, Amursky Boulevard, Khabarovsk, Russia 680000
ACC: 40703840108011000004
Khabarovsk, Russia 680000

For information in Khabarovsk you may contact Galina Kononenko by e-mail: gal_kononenko at (Russian is the language of preference)

Photos by Yuliya Ryjenkova