Trade Union BSPK about the relationship between tax policy, the informal economy and corruption in Kosovo

A national round table under the title “Taxation systems and politics, informal economy, and corruption in Kosovo” was held in Prishtina on 26 February 2015. The round table was organized by BSPK within the regional project “Tackling taxation, informal economy, and corruption in the Western Balkans” Project holders are International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-PERC) and Norwegian trade union (LO Norway).

In addition to the representative of ITUC/ PERC and LO Norway, in the RT were present Labor minister of Kosovo, Minister of finance, representatives of employers, representative of Chamber of Commerce, Labor inspectorate, Deputy Ambassador of Norway to Kosovo with two young trainees, representatives of German Chamber of Economy in Kosovo, many media outlets, then representatives of several branch trade unions within BSPK, and BSPK leadership and experts. The participants discussed the national report on the situation in Kosovo pertaining to taxation policies, informal economy, and corruption. The comparative analysis of the situation in Kosovo, compared to the countries in the region and EU member states, was presented by Mr. Martin Hutsebaut, EU expert, engaged in this project.

Project results were presented, the basic parts of the document on taxation policies and the link with informal economy and corruption, followed by excellent active discussions, and finally concluded how important it is to work on reform of taxation policy aimed at making it more fair and reduction of grey economy, so as to prevent huge financial transactions to end in grey flows. Deputy Ambassador of Norway also gave her contribution and addressed the meeting. The RT participants have emphasized the relevance of joint, coordinated efforts of all relevant social stakeholders. To that end, special focus should be on the development of social dialog and tripartite activities, as well as social partnership at all levels.

Media was very interested in this event and the topic of round table. It is important to highlight that Dafina Mehaj – BSPK expert on communication and campaign on the same day gave interview to the independent television of Kosovo and that she presented the Project, talked about basic matters with which BSPK and other trade unions in the region deal, including the basic positions of trade unions.

Reported by: ITUC/ PERC SEE Office Sarajevo