Trade union communication and campaigning for promoting decent work

25 October 2011: PERC South-Eastern European Youth Network in cooperation with International Trade Union Confederation and Youth Network of Confederation of Trade Unions of Montenegro organized a conference Trade union communication and campaigning for promoting decent work, held on 20-21 October 2011, in Podgorica Montenegro.

The Conference gathered twenty-one young trade unionists from South-Eastern Europe and discussed current issues regarding youth in the region and worldwide. The Conference was opened by Vidak Djuranovic, president of Trade union of textile, leather, shoes and chemical industry of Montenegro and welcomed participants on behalf of the Secretary General of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Montenegro. In addition, the representatives of the youth structures, Ivan Djurisic, president of Youth Network of CTUM and Daniela Aleksieva, president of PERC Youth Committee also addressed to the participants. Meeting was chaired by Ivana Prnjat, coordinator of the SEE Youth Network.

During the two-day meeting participants were able to analyze current situation in their countries and to present their views and share opinions among others.

Daniela Aleksieva introduced participants into PERC structure, its activities and priorities, and during her presentation the participants were able to discuss about their way of organizing and communication.

Kristin Blom, ITUC Campaigns Officer was able to share ideas and campaigns launched from the office of ITUC and talked about previous and current campaigns encouraging participants to use them in their youth structures not only on some certain occasions such as World Day for Decent Work but all over the year.

Sessions were interactive, requiring participants to be active and to work in assignments in small working groups. Participants discussed not only the labour market situation of young people in their own countries and the challenges for trade unionists to face the consequences, but they also had an opportunity to create campaigns for better position of youngsters in the respective countries.

At last, the event was an opportunity for building international cooperation among young trade unionists coming from the South-Eastern Europe and to enhance communication; develop specific action plans and exchange ideas for the benefit of younger generation.

/by Ivana Prnjat, CTUM Montenegro, Coordinator of SEE YN