UFTUM photo action on WDDW 2019

On the occasion of the World Day for Decent Work, the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro carried out an action aimed at drawing the attention of citizens to the importance of this date, but also enabling them to express what they want, what they need to live a decent life.

The fact that most of our fellow citizens said that they would need: higher wages, employment, occupational health and safety, higher pensions, more adequate access to health care, shows that, on this October 7th, Montenegro is still far away from the basic WDDW principles.

This is supported by the current situation in the country, which is reflected in: 33,675 unemployed; the lowest minimum wage in the region (amounting to EUR222.00); labor cost amounting to EUR60.30 (which has increased by only EUR5 since 2007); nearly 40,000 people working in informal employment; low level of bipartite social dialogue; low level of measures taken to protect health and safety at work; the worrying percentage of young people and citizens who want to leave the country in search of better living and working conditions; the minimum consumer basket for four member family amounting to EUR640.00 (with reduced number of products from former 130 to current 92, and without imputed rent).

Considering the above facts, as well as the information we received from the citizens during the implementation of this photo action, we unfortunately cannot say much about decent work in Montenegro.

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