UnionMigrantNet is a network of contact points for migrants established, managed and supported by trade unions. The main goal of the network is to support fair labour mobility.
The services provided by UnionMigrantNet contact points are aimed at promoting the collective and individual interests and rights of mobile workers.

The network’s contact points support each other by sharing information in the following areas:
1. Rights and working conditions of migrants in the destination country
2. Access to the labour market and referral to job-matching services
3. Family reunification and rights of migrants’ family members
4. Recognition of diplomas and qualifications
5. Return processes, taking into account second/third generation of migrants
6. Pre-departure information
7. Taxation and social security, portability of rights/benefits/permits
8. Social and cultural information about the host country
9. Trade Union rights and membership
10. Facilitating personal contacts and contacts with other communities in the host country
11. Supporting victims of human trafficking and exploitation at work

The aims of the network are to:
• Strengthen trade union activities aimed at protecting the individual and collective rights of migrants;
• Increase the visibility and accessibility of services and facilities supporting the integration of migrants;
• Encourage trade union membership among the migrant population.

You can find more information here : http://www.unionmigrantnet.eu

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