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PERC Youth Committee is elected by a PERC Youth conference organised once in two years.

The PERC, through its Youth Committee, strives:

  • To promote a rights-based approach – based on the various international and European labour and social standards
  • To promote specific programmes to facilitate the transition of young people from school to working life; vocational training programmes; and active employment and labour market policies aimed at providing decent work for all young people;
  • To ensure the full integration and active participation of young people in trade union organisations.
  • To ensure the integration of the concerns and needs of young workers/people into trade union policies, campaigns and actions.

The Conference in Athens, 18-19 November 2015, elected the 4th PERC Youth Committee.

The Conference elected new PERC Youth Committee (the 4th). It consists of:

Tatiana Marian, CNSM-Moldova, President
Jacopo Raddusa, UIL-Italy, Vice-President
Olesya Bryazgunova, KVPU, Ukraine, Vice-President
Nuray Sul, Turk-Is, Turkey, Vice-President
Tural Suleymanov, AHIK-Azerbaijan, committee member
Svetlana Esaulova, FNPR-Russia, committee member
Todor Kapitanov, KNSB-Bulgaria, committee member
Raisa Liparteliani, GTUC-Georgia, committee member
Roman Zaytsev, EAKL-Estonia, committee member

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