1 May, impressive and exciting!

Georgian Trade Unions organised traditional rally in front of the parliament to mark the workers international solidarity day on 1 May.

Trade Unions demanded the restoration of labour inspection and safe work environment for a long time. By the statistics of the Union 314 people died and 562 people were seriously injured during the period 2007 until 2014. Particularly difficult work conditions are in energy, mining, metallurgy, railway, construction and transport fields. President of the Trade Unions Irakli Petriashvili focused on the problems faced by Georgia in his speech. Mr. Petriashvili emphasised that there are problems with the employees, but with job seekers as well.

Representatives of the Trade Unions and employees demand labour safety and adequate reparations. Chairman of the Mining and Chemical Industry Workers’ Trade Union Mr. Tamaz Dolaberidze spoke about the need of labour regulations.

1 May is very important and exciting for the Georgian Trade Unions, every year more and more employed people demonstrates in the streets and today we have gathered around 5 thousand said Mr. Petriashvili. Fight continues!