100 days for the government to act

Another 100 days – this is the time that the Government has at its disposal to meet the requirements of the trade unions, otherwise they will go to the streets with protests

The participants in the Meeting of the Trade Union Asset of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (NTUCM), which took place today, June 5, have adopted a Declaration by which they stress that the Government of the Republic of Moldova should take, within at most 100 days, concrete measures to achieve the trade union claims, measures that aim to improve the living standards of citizens.
The event was hold in the presence of the Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici and a group of members of the Government.

”100 days have passed since the new Government started its work. We understand that it took to them a period for accommodation, we gave them a chance to get informed, to establish some priorities. We believe that this term was more than enough for this. Now we are waiting for concrete facts. We give them exactly 100 days to fulfill our requirements”, said Oleg Budza, the president of the NTUCM.
”We do not support anti-government protests, which have intensified in recent times and we are not followers of street justice. Therefore, we decided to go on the correct path of dialogue as a way of solving the problems of employees. But if our voice will not be heard and our proposals will be ignored again we will proceed to extensive actions of protest”, drew to attention the trade union leader.

In his turn, the Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici, who is also the chairperson of the National Commission for Consultation and Collective Bargaining, showed his willingness to work with the social partners. ”We are on the same side of the barricade. Only through dialogue and cooperation we can reach a common denominator, and the citizens must be those who will have to won from this”, he said.

By the Declaration adopted today, the trade unions urge the authorities to realize a real and responsible social dialogue, to reform the wage system and to establish a single base salary amounting to 50-60 percent of the average wage, with subsequent indexation at the level of consumer price index, to promote tax policies that would cover the reductionof fiscal burden for low-income individuals.

However, the trade unionists insist on amending the legislation on pensions in order to unify the mechanism for establishing the pension for all beneficiaries and to develop an unique formula of simplified pension calculation; speeding up the adoption of the National Programme in the field of safety and health at work, streamlining the expenses of theCompulsory Medical Insurance Funds and to improve the quality of care services, as well to increase the number of actions conducted in order to minimize the payment of wages „in envelopes”, to reduce the „illegal work” and to fight against tax evasion.

The activists and trade union members gathered in the Meeting of the Trade Union Asset of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (NTUCM), in the eve of Trade Unionist Day to draw once again the attention of the social partners on social and economic issues faced by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.
NTUCM is the only intersectoral trade union center, which comprises over 430 thousand members. Within NTUCM activate 27 national and sectoral trade union centers.