25-th anniversary of BSPSH

On the 26th March 2016 BSPSH organized the 25th anniversary of its foundation.
25 years ago in March 1991 , it was founded BSPSH, a union which was born in conditions of communist dictatorship as a necessity for its overthrow and to express the ongoing social protection of the economic interests of employees in terms of a democratic pluralistic society.

In this context, I BSPSH National Council decided to celebrate this important event on dt. 26.03.2016 in Tirana with the participation of over 1000 representatives of the professions trade union structures and regional trade union structures and also founder of BSPSH in 1991.
In this important event were invited representatives of central and local government, representatives of the opposition, trade union counterpart, the representative organizations of employers and civil society. Was also invited Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mr. Blendi Klosi, but he was not present because was in the US.
Representatives of trade unions honored the conference with their participation from different European countries.
The conference was opened with the BSPSH Documentary, which shows the history of the trade union movement in 1991, and efforts BSPSH and Trade Union of Miners of Albania to overthrow the communist regime.
Hunger strike of miners Valias, where 17 miners between them even President Gezim Kalaja entered the Mines Valias for freedom or death. This sublime act brought political pluralism and democracy in Albania.
After the documentary of BSPSH there were some video- message from AFL- CIO as an accomplice to support SPMSH and BSPSH for the struggle for freedom and democracy.
In this important event, video-message of the ITUC General Secretary Mrs. Sharan Burrow, who was welcomed by women union for special support by ITUC and BSPSH.
After these very important messages that conveyed many emotion to all members, President of BSPSH Mr. Gezim Kalaja held a speech, by making a 25 year overview of the activities and also the main objectives BSPSH and policies based on the ITUC and the EU Directive for 2016- 2020.
In this event, Mrs. Enisa Salimovic conveyed her congratulations as representative of ITUC- PERC, Mr. Thomas Cook as former British trade union representative in 1991, the representative of UIL (Italy) Mr. Giovanni Firera, Mr. Mahmut Arslan (HAKISH), Mr.Cemail Bakindi(TOLEYIS), Mr. Haxhi Arifi (BSPK), Mr. Ali Yalcin (MEMURSEN) and mr. Khalid El Feky from Egypt .
In this event BSPSH and SPMSH was awarded for 25-year of contribution by the President of the Republic of Albania Mr. Bujar Nishani who awarded with the highest medals of Albanian state.
Medal "Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg" was given to BSPSH with motivation "Special role: In the labor movement in our country and the overthrow of the communist dictatorship, protection of stability, improving social conditions, protect the interests, freedoms and workers’ rights, respect cooperation, social dialogue and for Albania’s integration into international institutions "- Decree no. 9490- Date on 25/03/2016.
SPMSH was awarded with "Golden Medal of Eagle" with the motivation; "Decorations Golden Medal of Eagle" For outstanding contribution to the trade union movement in 1991, which culminates with the sublime act of hunger strikes of miners, which made possible the overthrow of the dictatorship communist regime and opening the way for major transformations for democratically elected "- Decree no. 9491- Date on 25.03.2016!
Also President of the Republic of Albania mr. bujar Nishani awarded with the medal "Torch of Democracy" five ( 5) trade unionists;
Mrs.Pranvera Bodinaku – President of the Trade Union of Commerce and Tourism
Mrs. Hatixhe Borici, - Chairman of BSP, Lushnje
Mr. Nevruz Kaptelli – President of the Union of Albanian Education
Mr. Koco Jani , - Organizing Secretary in BSPSH
Mr.Myftar Ismalaja – President of SPILT

Organizing Secretary of BSPSH
Mr. Koco Jani