Albania: BSPSH Albania and Solidarity Center campaing and seminar for ILO C190

BSPSH is intensively continuing the campaign for the ratification of the ILO Convention C190 "Convention on Violence and Harassment", as well as seminars related to informing its membership about the content of the ILO C190 Convention.This seminar was led by the President of BSPSH Mr. Gezim Kalaja and took place in terms of security protocol against Covid-19, mixing the seminar online and physically. There were 18 persons following online the meeting and 10 persons physically attending.

The seminar that was held on 5 December 2020 was supported by the Solidarity Center as one of the closest collaborators of BSPSH.Representatives from the unions of professions of BSPSH, representatives of the employers’ organization BiznesAlbania Mr. Koli Sinjari, ILO Coordinator for Albania Mrs. Zhulieta Harasani, representative of the State Labor Inspectorate, Deputy Chief Inspector Mr. Artur Topi, as well as representatives of Solidarity Center Mr. Steven Mccloud, z. Sasa Uzelac, who were in online connection with Solidarity and Equality Inclusion Department represented by Ms. Robin Runge with its center in Washington.

President of BSPSH Mr. Gezim Kalaja emphasized the close relations that BSPSH has with Solidarity Center and AFL-CIO since 1991 in the field of workers’ rights.Mr. Kalaja stressed the importance of ratification of the ILO C190 Convention and mutual cooperation with BiznesAlbania, as well as ILO support in Albania.ILO Coordinator Mrs. Zhulieta Harasani stressed that Albania is very near to the ratification of C190, as well as the coherent position of the three social partners for the approval and ratification of this convention.Mrs. Zhulieta Harasani underlined the serious commitment of the Government and the Albanian Parliament to extend the standards of ILO Convention 190 in the workplace through its ratification / acceptance and highlighted the constructive, tripartite cooperation between the Ministry of Finance and Economy, employees ’and employers’ organizations to support ILO Convention 190, on the minimization and elimination of cases of violence and harassment in the world of work in Albania.The representative of BiznesAlbania, Mr. Koli Sinjari expressed the support of employers’ organization to rely on the identification of various cases of violence and the commitment to its implementation after ratification by the Albanian state.The same position was held by the State Labor Inspectorate, represented by Mr. Artur Topi emphasizing the cooperation he had with the unions, especially during the difficult period of Covid-19, verifying in the field the cases of non implementing the terms of the security protocol in various companies.The legal experts presented to the participants two presentations, one presented by the American Expert Mrs. Robin Runge, as well as by the Albanian PhD expert Mrs. Dorina Ndreka.President of SPASH Mr. Nevrus Kaptelli ensured the support of his union for the ratification and implementation of C190.z. Gani Lami gave examples and concrete cases of assistance provided by BSPSH in cases where workers are faced with violence in all its forms.The seminar was moderated by Mrs. Arjola Alika, who is also a member of the PERC Women’s Committee, who stressed that this seminar, although held in difficult conditions, in the framework with the 16 days of global activism against violence against women, with the global campaign #OrangetheWorld, to give a of particular importance to the elimination of violence against women in particular, as well as gender-based violence in the workplace.President of BSPSH Mr. Gezim Kalaja assured that such activities will continue to be organized in 8 different cities of lbania.
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