BASTUN: first achievements of the Baltic Sea Labour Network project

One fundamental aim of trade unions in the Baltic Sea Region has been to create preconditions for dialogue with employer and political organizations. From trade unions’ point of view the Baltic Sea Labour Network (BSLN) is starting to bring results. On 9 November high level representatives of employer, trade union and political organizations of the Baltic Sea Region met in Riga. One can say that the meeting was a successful step towards transnational social dialogue.

The meeting agreed on political statement that is the first joint document of the BSLN project. BASTUN and NFS were actively preparing the paper and it follows the positions of the trade union movement quite well. The finalized statement is attached.

The meeting showed that the employers’ side can be engaged to constructive transnational cooperation. The further goal is to motivate employer organizations from every Baltic Sea countries to take part in this cooperation and future events. It is important to point out that there is still a seat open in the BSLN Steering Committee for a Nordic employer organization. Instead of just talking, there is now a possibility to start doing.

The aim of the trade unions is to focus on relevant questions for labour movement and use the BSLN in order to influence decision and policy makers. In order to make use of the tripartite dialogue it is important that trade union movement discusses the future goals, priorities and strategies. The BASTUN High Level meeting on 26 November gives a convenient forum for this work.


BSLN statement