BSPK Congress

On 29th of September in Pristina was held VII Congress of BSPK (The Union of Independant Trade Unions of Kosovo). Congress was attended by 164 delegates from BSPK federations, branche unions, regions, youth and women representatives and also by number of local and international guests. Letters were sent to greet the Congress from ITUC Brussels, CITUB Bulgaria, and FES.

Tha Congress was atended by the new minister of Labour and Social Welfare z. Skender Re├žica, z. Agim Shahini from Alliance of Business organization as BSPK social partner, z. Basri Ibrahimi from Labour Inspectorate where they declared their commitment and cooperation with the new leadership of the BSPK. Congress was greeted as well from Hajrullah Gorani first president of the BSPK, where in his letter he wished a lot of successes for all workers of Kosovo.

According to the BSPK Committee for President Election, from 164 delegates who were present, 161 delegates has voted. Committee has declared that with 108 votes for Avni Ajdini, 49 votes for Alush Sejdiu and 4 votes abstention, Avni Ajdini is elected as a new president of the BSPK, for the next four years mandate. BSPK within 30 days after the Congress will organize a General Council where two vice-presidents will be elected as well.