BSPSH Albania- 2 main challenges of trade unions -Ratification of ILO C190 and protecting mental health of workers during Covid-19 pandemic

With the occasion of 8 March 2021, International Women Day , BSPSH organized a series of activities involving different trade union branches with special focus on importance of ratification of ILO Convention 190 in Albania and the negative impact of Covid-19 on gender issues and occupational health and safety.

Various seminars were organized by BSPSH in collaboration with Solidarity Center dedicated to lobbying for the ratification of ILO Convention190, campaigning against violence and harassment at the workplace and discussing the consequences of COVID -19 pandemic on mental health of workers and prevention measures against psychosocial risks.

During one of the seminars, which took place in Elbasan city , Prof. Dr. Arta Mandro emphasised the importance of the ratification of ILO Convention190 and presented the situation of violence at work in the context of Albanian legal framework, the challenges to raise awareness about the issue of violence in Albanian society and how to strengthen the legal instruments to tackle violence and harassment in the world of work. Mrs. Frosina Gjino, an expert in OHS referred to protecting the mental well-being of workers in times of pandemic and BSPSH President Gezim Kalaja stressed the importance of cooperation between BSPSH and Solidarity Center for organizing the 8-th of March activities.

Mrs. Merita Jegeni Yıldız, representative of HAK-IS Turkey and member of the PERC Women’s Committee presented the activities of the PERC women and what challenges are facing women in PERC as concerns violence and harassment and Occupational Health and Safety; she also referred to situation of women in Turkey. The seminar was moderated by Mrs. Arjola Alika, a member of the PERC Committee and consisted of round table discussions and presentations made by experts.