BSPSH joins "Count us in" campaign

The Union of Independent Trade Unions of Albania ( BSPSH ) in cooperation with the Education Department of BSPSH and FES –Tirana today on dt. 18 .06.2015 organized the seminar with the theme "The role of women in empowering the structures of the trade unions and in decision-making bodies . The role of the media in highlighting the values and the role of women in the society ".

During this important meeting was present the President of BSPSH Mr. Gezim Kalaja , Women’s Forum of BSPSH, the representative of the Department of Education Ms. Hiqmete daja , journalist Ms. Englantina Nasi and representatives of Women’s Forum of Tirana.
The President of BSPSH Mr. Gezim Kalaja emphasized the importance of empowering the role of women in decision making, in the leader positions , policymaking, and respect the importance of gender equality, non-discrimination at the workplace, for decent wages, for equality in wages between men and women , and also for decent work according to EU directives and ITUC strategy.

President Kalaja emphasized that BSPSH has reached participation of women in lider structures at 35% , 5 % more than provided in the statute of ITUC . Also in accordance with the decisions of the 3-rd Congress of ITUC Mr. Kalaja took the decision to achieve the objective of + 5% women membership by the 4th ITUC Congress in 2018, so the representation of women in our Confederation ( BSPSH) to reach at 40%.

Also Mr. Kalaja signed today the campaign initiated from ITUC "Count Us In “ by joining this campaign and by increase with 5 % the representation of women and in decision -making bodies and in the leader struktures of BSPSH .
Also BSPSH will continue the compaign in enterprises and in other cities of Albania “ COUNT US IN “.