CCM (Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia) continues the tradition of working celebration of May 1 which runs continuously throughout 2017. In this sense, on 28.4.2017, the Council of CCM held a solemn session attended by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mr. Ibrahim Ibrahimi.

On the session the Publication of the Manual: Workers’ Rights: "Learn more about your rights" was promoted. The Manual is the result of the Project: Promoting social dialogue, funded by the EU and implemented by the ILO with participation of CCM, KSS and UNASM. At the same time these unions participated in the preparation of this Manual.

The President of CCM, PhD Zhivko Mitrevski before the members of the Council of CCM, as the highest body, and the members of the Presidency of CCM and guests, emphasized the importance of this Manual which is a practical tool and a tool that will serve the membership of the unions to get acquainted with the legal provisions related to employment, salaries, wages, working hours, holidays and leaves, termination of employment, OHS, combating discrimination, mobbing, collective bargaining, strikes and labor disputes.

Also on this event the publication: "Workers’ rights in compliance with the General Collective Agreement" was promoted, part of the abovementioned Project, which elaborates workers’ rights stipulated in the General Collective Agreement for the private sector of the economy in a practical way.

This publication also comprises basic information about the employees and the employer, employment contracts, trial work, apprenticeship, salaries and allowances, holidays, amicable resolution of disputes, information and consultation, working conditions of the unions and workers’ protection.

The President Mitrevski noted that CCM as usual in the previous years, and this year, practically and in continuity with concrete events, contributions and results shall celebrate Labor Day, which for CCM lasts throughout the year, not only one day.
This year, before the first of May and after the first of May, CCM launches the Campaign for the Social Progress Protocol in which the central position shall be the Campaign for pay rises and especially the minimum wages which is also the Campaign of the European and the International Trade Union Confederations.
This event in organization of CCM was also dedicated to the celebration of 28 April-the International OHS Day.

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mr. Ibrahim Ibrahimi, congratulating the Labor Day and the celebration of the International OHS Day, expressed his satisfaction with the progress in the social dialogue that has been transformed through a series of activities of the Economic and Social Council and the adoption of a series of laws, their amendments and measures in the direction of improvement of the legal status of the workers, which was particularly emphasized in the employment measures, especially for the young people.

The practical celebration and promotion of the manual and the brochure is being identified as an additional way of developing an understanding of the social dialogue, and in terms of the Social Progress Protocol, the Minister announced continuation of the discussions regarding the increase of the minimum wage.

In the context of the working celebration of Labor Day, additional meeting shall be also scheduled. At the same time in terms of the celebration of the International OHS day, the role of the unions in providing this basic human right was also emphasized.
The event was attended by the President of the Association of Pensioners of Macedonia, Dragi Argirovski, and the President of the Business Confederation of Macedonia, Mile Boshkov.

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