CSDR international secretary passed away

The Democratic Trade Union Confederation (CSDR) deeply regrets the premature disappearance of Carmen Ionescu, Head of the Foreign Affairs Department

The Democratic Trade Union Confederation (CSDR) announces with deeply sorrow the disappearnce of Carmen Ionescu, head of Foreign Affairs Department.

Born in 1965, she graduated as a valavictorian The Faculty of Industrial Chemistry at Politehnica University from Bucharest. Carmen Ionescu was an excellent coordinator in the field of communication and an excellent representative of CSDR in the relations with other similar european and international organisations.

Eversince the establishment of the confederation in 1994, Carmen Ionescu was one of the most dedicated promotors of the romanian trade unions interests abroad throughout her entire activity as head of Foreign Affairs during which she established great professional and personal contacts with personalities from ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation), ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation), the European Parliament, European Comission, embassys, with representatives of the most important confederations to which CSDR is affiliated.

Through her great character and excellent work, Carmen Ionescu was always an example of hardwork, intelligence and excellence, managing to combine profesional performance with the awareness of real, everyday life problems, involvement, energy and good advice.
Original and full of life, Carmen Ionescu passed away leaving behind her a profound sorrow. We, her colleagues from CSDR, wail for her unexpected disspareance and offer our support to her family and relatives.

May she rest in peace!


Sharan Burrow condolences letter