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Croatia: event on Occupational Safety and Health issues

27 April 2018: On 25th of April the UATUC and its OSH Coordination organized a public debate „Organized Workplaces are Safer Workplaces“ in a fertilizer factory Petrokemija, based in Kutina, Croatia.

Petrokemija factory was chosen as a host of the debate as a positve example of implementation of OSH measures, and also as there is a special collective agreement signed there related to OSH issues.

The panelists included UATUC President Mladen Novosel, members of UATUC OSH Coordination, Petrokemija CEO Đuro Popijač, senior advisor of the Ministry of Labour and Pension System Branimir Mutnjaković, and Vitomir Begović, director of OSH improvement Institute.

Best practices and experience in OSH were shared by OSH reps coordinator, OSH Deparment director, OSH specialist and EKN Trade Union chief shop steward: Zdravko Mašala, Tomislav Cesar, Mario Klaus and Davor Rakić. A visit to factory plants was also organized.

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