Demonstration "STOP THE GOVERNMENT" in Prague on the 21st April 2012

On 21st April 2012 around 120 000 trade unionists and representatives of civil society organisations assembled on Prague’s Venceslas Square to protest against the current anti-social reforms and to call upon the Government to resign. The demonstration was organized by the CMKOS, its affiliates and number of NGOs representing various groups of society, among other students, pensioners, handicapped and many others. It was the biggest demonstration since November 1989.
The participants adopted the appeal to the Government to resign and to call general elections:

Almost a year ago, here on Venceslas Square in Prague, we demanded to stop bad reforms.
Today we all have come here to express no-confidence to this Government.
11 more months of its rule have been enough to prove that for the coalition of the ODS (Civic Democratic Party), TOP 09 and Věci veřejné (Public Affairs - VV) the time has come to resign.

Every decent citizen of the Czech Republic asks:
WHY the Government takes every day more and more money out of our pockets?!
WHY the Government of the so called "budgetary accountability" makes the biggest public debt in the history of the Czech Republic?!
WHY the Government does not understand that dull cuts and increase of prices mean economic decline, unemployment and threat of poverty?!
WHY the Government allowed such extent of corruption in our country?!
WHY the Government does not strongly fight usury and dishonest practice of some distrainers?!
WHY the pension reform is profitable only for private pension funds?!
WHY the destruction of educational system and universities continues?!
WHY the so called reforms are profitable only for privileged groups?!
WHY and for whom the Government privatizes public services such as health care, education, pensions and social services?!

Do you know, WHY all this happens?!

Because we are governed by untrustworthy, non-respected, unwise people and puppets!
We reject the continuation of breakup of state finances!
Let them pay the debts of their bad rule themselves!
The first instalment is stopping of senseless anti-social reforms!
The second instalment is the resignation of the Government and calling early elections!

…. and we would like to tell to the Government that ….

We, the participants of the demonstration held in Venceslas Square in Prague on 21st April 2012, already accepted your resignation.