ETUC Youth and PERC Youth join millions of united voices that call for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine

We stand in solidarity with fellow civilians who face growing despicable aggression and threat that goes against international law and all European democratic achievements of past decades.

We condemn Russia’s autocratic leader and his supporters who show no respect to human rights and human lives and call on European leaders to spare no solution that can put an immediate stop to attacks on civilians, withdrawal of foreign military forces from the democratic republic of Ukraine and establishment of peace.
It is equally unacceptable to focus the response on escalating militarization, on measures and rhetoric that would further incite and spread war and violence.

We demand strict respect for international law, respect for the inviolability of borders and territorial integrity in Europe and beyond. These principles must apply to everyone, including the superpowers, which they have most often violated in the past because of their imperialist interests. Also in this situation, we demand all parties involved to maximise the effort to prevent any further war crimes and crimes against humanity.

We demand peace agreement and disarmament, a long-term reduction in arms production, and a comprehensive and persistent strategy to respect minority rights and democracy. This is the only way to establish and maintain lasting peace. This is the way that Russian Federation promised to follow when committing to the Agenda 2030 and SDG 16 - Peace and justice.

We praise the mobilisation of European civil society to provide humanitarian help to Ukraine and its people, we demand the political response to the situation to be based on the same principle. In the European Union borders for refugees must be and remain open.

We express our solidarity with Russian peacekeepers and all those around the world who oppose this war. We call for courage and persistent opposition. There is an urgent need to re-launch international peace initiatives and peace education.

Finally, verified information on the events surrounding the war is crucial for informing the public, the decision-makers and for public opinion. We demand from the media, and especially the public media, to strengthen resources and provide safe conditions for the professional work of journalists.

We reject all propaganda in public communication, oppose all political abuses of war and the escalation of militarization both at home and abroad.