First Trade union summer school took place in Moldova

Young trade union members, leaders of youth councils within the national-branch trade union centres, members of the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova (CNSM), participate during August 1-4, 2013 in the works of the first edition of the Trade union summer school.

So, during 4 days, the young trade union members acquired new knowledge in such fields as trade union, juridical, psychological management, trade union leadership etc, within the event titled „Motivation for trade union affiliation. The youth’s role in the motivational programs”, which take place in Vadul lui Vodă city.
Stela Stratila-Sîrbu, President of the Youth Council within CNSM, declared that the goal of the „Trade union summer school” is to increase the professional potential of young trade union leaders through the improvement of their professional skills.

"By means of „Trade union summer school” we wish to contribute to the improvement of professional abilities of young trade union members, in order to make their activity more efficient in the framework of present social-economic conditions. We wish them to promote the trade union movement and to contribute to the creation of new trade union organizations within the country’s enterprises and to protect the rights of the trade unions members from different branches of the national economy”, the President of the Youth Council within the CNSM stated.

"Such activities, like the Trade union summer school, are also organized in other European countries and we hope it will become a tradition for Moldova too”, Stela Stratila-Sîrbu specified.

Within the summer school, the young people will touch upon a series of subjects of major importance for the trade union members and at the end the participants will receive certificates of graduation of the first edition of „Trade union summer school”.

The Youth Council is a structure within the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova, which unites youth organizations of the national-branch trade union centres – members of CNSM.