GTUC conference to commerate 28 April

Georgian Trade Unions Confederation has dedicated a special conference to the International Commemoration Day of Dead and Injured Workers. The Event has mainly focused on the state of health and safety issues in Georgia. The representatives of Trade Union branch organizations, technical and building inspection, Georgian Employers Association, Scientific Research Institute of Labour, Medicine and Ecology, Non Governmental Organizations, Mass Media participated in the conference.

The conference has comprehensively analyzed the alarming state of health and safety at the workplace. The figures showed that 81 workers died last year at the work place and 168 inflicted severe injuries. The participants also expressed their opinions on how to correct an existing critical state of occupational health and safety.

The participants of the conference have also elaborated joint statement addressed to the parliament and the government of Georgia. Joint declaration reminds to the authorities that unless increased protection at hazardous workplace is guaranteed, more lives will be lost and the toll of work-related injury and illness will increase. The participants urged the policy makers to adopt necessary law regulations and install real implementation and monitoring mechanism immediately, since there is plenty of evidence to show the importance and value of proper regulation and enforcement.

The photos of dead workers were also exhibited in the hall and the family members of victims of Tkibuli Mine Explosions were invited to the conference.

After the completion of the conference GTUC has organized the public prayer ritual in a church for the commemoration of souls of dead workers.