Georgia: 10000 people strong rally

The GTUC held large-scale, massive peaceful manifestation on 1st of March 2010 aiming to address all the major problems, mainly concerning the social sphere of the society, labor relations. Some 10000 people took part in the manifestation.

The rally started at 3pm on Monday 1st of March from square of Roses (formerly Republican square) and the protesters marched through the Rustaveli Avenue to the Parliament’s office. The GTUC, considering all negative factors deteriorating every day life of ordinary people, especially those at high-risk workers, socially vulnerable population of Georgia, demanded the following:

-  Commencement of genuine social dialogue that would
bring, first of all, amendments and changes to labor code to make sure it complies with the ILO standards;

-  Stopping underhand tactics, like the establishment of
pro-government and pro-employer “yellow unions” in Education, Metal and Mining, Telecommunication and other sectors;

-  Reinstating labor inspection office;

-  Adopting real workplace health and safety regulations;

-  Providing the teachers with decent salaries and
working conditions;

-  Amending the law on Teachers Certification to bring it
into conformity with the promises the President had officially made during his pre-election campaign;

-  Arrears of wages in the Energy, Communication and
Healthcare sectors to be re-paid to the workers;

-  Provide self-employed workers with the basic labour
rights, especially with the right to compensated maternity leave and participation in the state run pension schemes, as well as the right to be consulted concerning the taxation and punitive financial measures on the municipal (local government) level.