Georgia: GTUC action for social protection for all and for efficient social dialog

On 3 February, at 15.00 Georgian Trade Unions Confederation held the action in front of the building of the Georgian Parliament. All branches of GTUC took part in the action. The action was held in the background of rhythm of the knocking on the ironed pan’s with yell ” Hungry, Hungry”.

The unionists demanded:

1. to set up unemployment rate;
2. to rise compensation to dismissed people;
3. to rise compensation for maternity leave;
4. accessibility to health for everybody / insurance for
5. To encourage collective bargaining in industrial level.

Also was protested the Article 37. D p. of labour Code regulating the issues of termination of labor contract.

Irakli Petriashvili made a speech concerning on economical crisis, as he declared the number of unemployment grossed to 300.000, in the budget there is grossed the fees of State Administration and salaries for 250.000.000 GL. The President of GTUC demanded that instead of the use those fees for the state structures those amount would be appropriate to use for the unemployed citizens.
At the action were declared also the issues on concerning the maternity leave .

The action was in the news of the leading media with the publications named: “ Four demands of GTUC” , “ The knocking on the ironed pan’s ” and “ Yell- Hungry, Hungry” and etcetera.

The action was held for 2 hours in front of the Parliament of Georgia.