Georgia: Strike in Kazreti

On 14 February in Kazreti, Bolnisi region, over 300 employees of “RMG Gold” and “RMG Copper” went on strike. At this time the plant is paralyzed. The employees of the gold deposit demand that the 180 individuals fired from the factory be reinstated to their prior positions without any preconditions, 40% pay raises and improvement in work conditions.

The strikers have stated that the company has not provided a safe working environment and they have been the victims of harassment numerous times. The pay in the plant is minimal and doesn’t suit the amount of labor they put into it. The strikers were supposed to relieve the night shift this morning at 7 AM, however, instead of going to work, they gathered in front of the Culture House of Kazreti.

They stated that they will not be returning to work until their demands are met. The plant workers that have not gone on strike believe that paralyzing the plant is unacceptable. The directors of the organization have stated that due to financial problems and lack of resources, they will be unable to meet the demands of the workers, and thus they are asking the workers to return to work so that they don’t lose their jobs. The protest was organized by the union.

The chairman of the Metallurgy, Mining and Chemical Worker’s Trade Union, Tamaz Dolaberidze announced that the striking workers will not be returning to work until their demands are met.

The strikers have expressed numerous times that they are under psychological stress induced by their bosses during work hours, labor safety is nonexistent and they are unable to perform their duties in a calm environment.

The strike has been organized in accordance to law since 21 days have already elapsed from the day of notification.

Solidarity for the striking workers!