ITUC/PERC/ETUC circular on actions in Europe

The ITUC General Secretary Sharon Burrow and the ETUC/PERC General Secretary John Monks sent a circular letter to the European affiliates reiteratiting the consolidated approach to the actions in Europe on 29 Septermber and 7 October.

"Dear friends,

We are very pleased to receive encouraging news about different trade union actions in frame of European day of actions on 29 September and the World Day of Decent Work on 7 October. We would like to remind you the agreement at the PERC Regional pre-congress meeting in Vancouver for a consolidated approach of the ITUC, the PERC and the ETUC to the mobilisation of trade union organisations in Europe and close interrelation of these actions. Please note that the ETUC manifestation on 29 September 2010 has been already uploaded to the WDDW website as part of the activities, together with several other initiatives, and we kindly invite you to announce your actions – during any of the days, or in the period between the two dates – at the

Sincerely yours

Sharon Burrow and John Monks"