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ITUC/PERC statement on the conditions for operation of trade unions in Ukraine

24 March 2014: Following the dramatic events in Ukraine since November 2013 the country is facing very serious challenges ahead which will necessitate full mobilisation of the creative energy of the people and sound public consensus on the way out of the crisis. Social dialogue and trade unions are key to a developing a comprehensive and balanced policy of reforms that takes account of all interests involved. They can make a major input in preventing dangerous accumulations of negative social effects in the implementation process that can lead to eruptions of social discontent and further complication of the stabilisation and recovery process.

ITUC/PERC states its readiness to provide full support for Ukrainian unions in their efforts to face the challenges ahead. It has been and will continue to closely monitor the developments and the activities of all stakeholders involved and react in line with the necessities to secure that unions can play their role and workers’ rights and interest are fully respected. The Ukrainian authorities should take the necessary measures to investigate the fire in the headquarters of the Federation of Trade Unions as well as to take its share of responsibility and to financially support the rehabilitation of the building so the organisation can function in normal conditions.

10 March 2014

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