ITUC letter to President Poroshenko and PM Groysman re non-payment of wages at SE "Selidivvugilly"

ITUC send a letter to the President Poroshenko and PM Groysman regards the situation of non payment of salaries for SE "Selidivugillya” miners.

ITUC letter to President Poroshenko and PM Groysman re non-payment of wages at SE "Selidivvugilly"

On 14 February a protest rally took place near the administrative building of the SE "Selidivvugillya" (Donetsk region). Miners and members of their families demanded to pay the salaries owed to the miners. The miner salaries arrears are approximately 213 million UAH (The general debt in all coal industry is 945 million UAH and it is more than two monthly wage fund). At some mines of the SE "Selidivugillya” miners didn’t get their paid salaries for work in 2015, 2016, 2017 years. The leaders of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPGU) informed about this situation.

The miners of three mines of the state enterprise ’Selidivugillya’ together with heads of primary trade union organizations of the Independent Trade Unions of Miners of Ukraine have just started a hunger strike in the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine. The negotiations, which took place in the ministry, have ended without achieving the required accomplishment.
"We have become hostages of an irresponsible approach to the management of coal industry," - said the miners.
Miners demand on repayment of all wages arrears. Taking into account the inflationary processes, they also require increasing salaries. They also demand to return the coalbeds of mines of the ’Selidivugillya’ in public ownership and allocate funds for providing technical re-equipment and provision of materials.

If their demands will not be fulfiled, miners will continue their protests.

You can read the news about the recent protest actions in Selidovo and Novogrodovka KVPU website:
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