In memoria of Anna Oulatar (Dubieszko)

Anna Oulatar, former Head of the Coordinating Unit for Central and Eastern Europe of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, passed away on 7 July 2023.

She will be remembered as outstanding unionist and a committed fighter for justice, dignity, and democracy in the Central and Eastern European countries. In 80-s and 90s she led policies and actions of international trade union movement in relation to economic and democratic transition of countries of Central and Eastern Europe, assisting trade unions in building democratic institutions, re-acquiring fundamental rights and freedoms, mitigating economic disruptions and consequences of Balkans wars. Under her leadership many trade union centres of CEE countries joined ICFTU and East-West cooperation through networking and engagement was launched and strengthened.

The ITUC, its members from the region, and all the PERC colleagues mourn loss of Anna and share feelings of deep sympathy with her relatives and beloved ones.

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