Informal economy project working group meeting in Monetegro

The meeting to discuss the activities in framework of the informal economy project of the PERC took place in Podgorica, Montenegro, on 16 June 2008

The population of the country is 600000 and among them about 300000 of the working age. About 150000 persons are paying social insurance fees. According to the unchecked calculations about 40% are working informally. At the same time many citizens from other countries are working in the country. Last year alone 50000 official permissions were given and at the same time there are 30000 registered unemployed persons mostly from Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo and the Ukraine. Tourism is the priority branch of economy where traditionally there are many informally employed workers.

Project target sectors: Commerce, textile, construction, tourism. Also the Chairpersons of the agriculture and transport trade unions will be approached. The national working group will be composed by the chairpersons of the mentioned branches, the heads of the women’s and youth commissions and the representatives of the CITUM international end economic departments.

The mapping paper will be prepared by October 2008 and presented at the high level Round table in the beginning of November.

Sergeus Glovackas