International conference on “Social Dialogue and Labor Standards in Georgia”

On 19th and 20th of September the fourth international conference on “Social Dialogue and Labor Standards in Georgia” was organized by the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation in Chakvi, Georgia.

The conference was attended by representatives of the following bodies: the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, the International Labor Organization, the International Trade Unions Confederation , as well as European Trade Unions Confederation, the Georgian Government and the Parliament, Diplomatic corps, the Public Defender’s Office, non-governmental organizations, Employers’ organization of Georgia and partners of GTUC from international trade union centres (the US, Germany, Belgium, Poland ,France, etc).

The topics of the discussion included our advances, problems and provocations pertaining to fields of labor law, social dialogue, labor markets, comparisons between the EU and Georgian labor legislation and social partnerships. The attendees examined the current situation and discussed future steps for implementation of the labor legislation and improvement of labor safety and labor rights.