International women’s day seminar of KSSH

To celebrate the International women’s day, KSSH Women’s network organized a seminar “Participation of women in the leadership of the trade unions will increase the democratic movements’ success" in Tirana.

On 11th of March Women Network with the support of ITUC, “Count Us In” Campaign and the president of KSSH, Mr. Kol Nikollaj, organised the seminar to celebrate the International women’s day and to support the campaign “Count Us In”. In the event were participating 80 women from all Federations of KSSH.
This activity had its goals that were successfully fulfilled:
1. To introduce the campaign to all the representatives of the Federations of KSSH.
2. To share own vision and mission towards the campaign.
3. To discuss strategy with different experts from other organizations.
4. To discuss the ideas how to improve work of network.
All participants were very active and after presentations were held active discussions.

The meeting was opened by the Vice President of KSSH, Mrs. Anisa Subashi and the President of KSSH Mr. Kol Nikollaj. He emphasized the special attention that KSSH has given towards supporting the development of women’s role in leadership and their presence in all the activities of KSSH. He promised that there would be intensive efforts made to increase the percentage of women in the leadership of KSSH.
Vice President Mrs. Anisa Subashi spoke about the history of the development of the role of women in the KSSH since it’s inception and all that has been achieved thus far. The coordinator of the Women’s Network of KSSH Mrs. Alma Pula presented a historical perspective on the strengthening of the women’s role in the hierarchy of KSSH, and presented strategies for future implementation.

Vice President of the KSSH Edison Hoxha presented the legal rights of women in the workplace. He emphasized that the knowledge of the law is one of the best tools at women’s disposal for creating a successful long term relationship between employer and employee. He also reinforced that the KSSH has a legal team ready and able to help all women with consultations and legal representation free of charge.

Mrs. Teuta Shehu a representative from a LS CLUB TIRANA NEW gave a presentation of the role of women in the leadership in Albania. In her presentation she focused on how the presence of women in the leadership of Albania historically has been lacking and how modern norms are changing and the culture is becoming more supportive on women in leadership positions.