KSS through Public Protest expressed its demands

On 17th of January the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia (KSS) held the announced Public Protest that started from Gate Macedonia through the Ministry of Justice, to the Government of Republic of Macedonia. The workers, members of the branch trade unions of KSS went to a peaceful protest to raise their demands for salary increase in the public sector, k-15 in the public sector, respecting of the laws, application of collective agreements, release from pressures at working place, commencement of the negotiations for amendments to the General Collective Agreement.

“Today we are here together to ask for social justice, to ask for our rights, to stop violating the laws, for a better life, for dignified income, for secure jobs. At yesterday’s meeting with the representatives of the Government of Republic of Macedonia, we got a promise that our requests will be considered and that we must be patient in order to make additional consultations and calculations about our requests. We hope for sincerity and constructiveness on their side and I think that we should continue this path that we started as a Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia, so we can in a democratic way, to have decent income and a decent life for all workers in the country. We continue to be the strength of the new age, “said the President of KSS, Blagoja Ralpovski.

KSS expects that the promises for a constructive social dialogue in a constructive atmosphere will be fulfilled by the Government of Republic of Macedonia and the relevant ministries. KSS remains in line with its demands for the promotion of workers’ rights and will continue its activities to fulfill them.

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