KSSH action on WDDW

KSSH on 07.10.2008 on World Day for Decent Work organized on Tirana International Hotel a conference with the theme “Decent Work, formal work, gender equality, and safety for all”.

There were invited trade unionists, and representatives from all organization structures of KSSH, from centre, and from the regions, and representative from Albanian government, the presidency of Republic, organization of employers, European Commission in Tirana, some Western Embassy here in Tirana, some university rectors activist from civil society, coordinator and friend from media, etc.

Mr. Kol Nikollaj started the conference, he deployed political and organizational outlook of KSSH for Decent Work, announced this year as the year of action for “Decent Work, formal work, gender equality, and safety for all”.

The Chairman of Trade Unions Federation of Workers of Health Services Mr. Minella Mano read the theme Decent Work – Decent Life, which was referred to the activity of KSSH to realize Decent Work for all, gender equality, and integration of youth and emigration in market of labour, the creation of labour condition and of the safety at work place, the fight against informality, traffic, corruption, and for the eradication of child labour.

The conference was greeted by friend and invited, Carlo Colli coordinator of ISCOS Marche, Bujar Cani General Director in Labour Relation in the Ministry of Labour, Alfred Topi coordinator of ILO in Tirana. Vladimir Koka president of KOP (Employers Organizations) On the behalf of similar trade unions speak Mr. Jahja Cashku, President of Independent Trade Union of Service Civil Workers and of Defense.

The participants agreed for a plan of action for trade unions during the next year according to the professions and coordinated by umbrella trade union, which it is CTUA to guarantied “Decent Work, formal work, gender equality, and safety for all”.

The conference concluded with some demands addressed tothe Albanian government. These demands were read by Neriana Zaimi, Chairwoman of The Trade Unions Federation of Civil Services and State Administration.

Eriselda Hysenj (Ms)
Head of International Department - KSSH