KVPU: Labour Protection March in Kiev

Today 28 April 2016 the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU) organized a Labour Protection March in Kiev.

This march was devoted to the International Labour Protection Day. The March began with a meeting at the building of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. During the meeting Mykhailo Volynets, the Head of the KVPU addressed more than 500 trade unionists urging them to fight for the fundamental rights at their workplaces: “The government is trying to encroach on labour rights by adopting a new labor laws that worsen the workers’ conditions in the country. At the same time this government is reducing the list of professions which should be considered the priority to go on pension earlier (so-called list 1 and list 2), especially those who work in harmful environment. What’s next? …”, said Mr. Volynets.

Followed by his speech several national trade union leaders of the KVPU had word in front of the demonstrators: leaders of Independent Trade Union of Coal Miners of Ukraine, Free Trade Union of Medical Workers, Independent Trade Unions of Railway workers, Trade Union of Invalids, etc.

After that the demonstrators headed for the Cabinets of Ministers of Ukraine marching on the main Kiev street - Khreschatyk. On the way to the Cabinet of Ministers the trade union leaders placed flowers to the victims of Maidan at the memorial to the Heaven Hundred (activists who were killed during the Revolution of Dignity).

Further on at the Cabinet of Ministers the demonstrators reiterated their demands to the government, as follows:

* Stop aggravating social and economic standards;

* Not to reduce the list 1 and list 2 of professions for priority retirement;

* Reimburse salary debts;

* Withdraw the new Labor Code from the Verkhovna Rada agenda;

* Not to reduce the workplaces in budget sphere;

* Raise salary and social standards;

* Not to deteriorate of Occupational Health and Safety;

* Raise the subsistence minimum, etc.

All the demands voiced at the meeting at the Cabinet of Ministers were handed over to the representatives of the government.

The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine will monitor the consideration of the demands by the government of Ukraine. If demands are left with no attention a bigger protest activities will then be organized by the KVPU.