You’ve stolen us so many things, but the worst of all is that you have stolen
us what no one can give us back – you have stolen our time.
Almost quarter of a century ago, Europe and gradually, directly or indirectly, the whole world, came to the crossroads faced only once in several generations.

The Wall went down and it was necessary to define new directions for the future course of national economies, societies, their cultures and other value systems, it was necessary to proceed from something that became history toward something else that appeared to be an inevitable challenge, it was necessary to step into a new era.

Serbia opted for a reverse course, its destination was a point where everyone who wanted so had already arrived long ago. Along the way, Serbia came into armed conflict with everyone in the region, including waging war against itself, against the logic of civilisation, against directions of the historical moment and its citizens. And that devastating occupation of Serbia by unscrupulous minority over the disoriented, robbed and immeasurably humiliated vast majority, deprived of their rights and of their hope, has been lasting for quarter of a century now.

Efforts of that shameless minority to rob as much of national wealth as possible have long ago exceeded every imaginable limit, even the limit that foreign aggressors do not dare cross. They are destroying our education, media, culture, art, tradition, creating their own history while building their personal empires. Besides material, they want to take away or spiritual wealth, values that belong to each and every one of us, individually and collectively, values that define every nation in relation to other nations.

It does not take courage to say ENOUGH to this, it just requires a minimum quantity of self-respect, loyalty to one’s family and care for its survival, minimum awareness about inviolability of stolen rights and desire to defend them. It requires desire to live in a different, better Serbia, made up of the majority, according to the standards of that majority and for that majority.

ENOUGH campaign that we have launched is addressing such a majority, men and women with equal rights on the job, with equal pay for equal job, with unimpeded right to start and raise one’s family, young people with right to quality education as a basis for stable, sustainable, durable and decent job, pensioners who deserve to spend their senior years decently and worry-free, the unborn ones who should be born and raised in Serbia that is better than the present-day Serbia. If you recognise yourself as a member of this majority, use this campaign to prove that you are a majority that demands to get back its Serbia. Prove that you are a fact, not statistics! Take the campaign, it is your property, as means to eliminate occupation of our society together with the others, on the basis of solidarity.

Let us say: