Leadership in Democracy at Ruskin College: opportunity for young SEE leaders

The Webb Institute for Leadership in Democracy at Ruskin College in Oxford runs a leadership development programme for potential leaders from the trade union movement and from non-governmental organisations in Eastern Europe outside the EU (“the region”). It is funded by the Webb Memorial Trust. This accredited course focuses on the practical development of skills, with discussion and analysis of participants’ own experiences as well as case studies and the theory of democratic leadership.

The next course will be organised 16-25 March 2009 and will be targeted on SEE countries

Webb Institute, Ruskin College Oxford UK (application deadline: 14 December 2008)

The Webb Institute welcomes applications to its programmes from individuals working in trade unions or for non-governmental organisations in Central and Eastern Europe outside the EU.

Key themes
Leading in organisations
 What does a democratic, non-discriminatory organisation look like?
 How does leadership relate to its structure, resources and culture?
 What can we learn from different models of leadership, from ideas about women and leadership, and from regional case studies?
Issues-based campaigning
 How can strategic planning help us to prioritise, plan and deliver a programme of change, analyse risks involved, and allocate resources?
 How can we use campaigning and organising to build support for key issues and to build a strong organisational base?
Network building
 How can we work together to develop civil society?
 What are the best methods to develop and support activists e.g. mentoring schemes to build networks of support internally and across civil society?
 Participants will be able to explore particular interests that they and their organisation have identified through one to one and small group study and support.

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