Meeting of the international secretaries

The PERC organised a meeting for the international officers of its affiliated organisations on 26 March, in Brussels. The meeting brought together some thirty representatives from different parts of Europe

The programme included different informative sessions on the various areas of the ITUC and the PERC work in the region, in particular:

- the process of preparing ITUC Congress and the pre-congress activity for the PERC - on organising.
- the development cooperation policy of the ITUC and its work to get recognised as a framework partner for the EU programmes, as well as structural dialog processes and opportunities for union in it;
- the Eastern Partnership Civil Society process and its deficiencies;
- the HIV-AIDS work done by the ITUC, in a view of the ILC standard setting process;
- the activities of the Human and Trade Union Rights Network of the ITUC in the PERC region and preparation for specific activities in the region;
- the coming activities of the PERC in 2010.

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