Miners from All Over Ukraine Protest at the Cabinets of Ministers

Nearly 1500 miners got together at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the protest action on 28-29 of January.

The miners demands include:

  • revision of the State Budget in order to include assets allocation to coal and peat mining enterprises in the amount which will enable to further development of their current activities;
  • provision of funding for coal extraction enterprises in Budget items “Labour safety”, “Capital construction” and “Techniques ”;
  • withdrawal from the closure of coal/peat mines;
  • timely salary payment and reimbursement of existing salary debts for Company “Zirconium” and mine-rescue services;
  • resumption of 10% salary tax for coal/iron ore/ manganese miners.

Independent Trade Union of Coal Miners of Ukraine (NPGU) together with other national trade unions negotiated their demands with the Prime-minister at the end of the Protest Action on January 28.

The Prime Minister ordered the Minister of Energy and Coal Mining to discuss with the miners their demands. The miners decided to carry out the picketing of the Cabinet of Ministers on 29 January in order to make the government take decisive steps towards the demands of miners.