Montenegrian unions are acting on informal economy challenge

On October 29-30 in Podgorica, Montenegro, two activities on Informal workers protection, representation. and organizing took place. On October 29 the ILO Budapest in the framework of program on Reduction of informal work in construction sector through social partnership organized workshop for Montenegro construction trade union representatives.

BWI South East Europe coordinator J.Redzepovich and ITUC/PERC representative Sergejus Glovackas moderated the event. During the workshop sub-regional action plans were prepared with aim of construction sector formalization via unionization and social partnership. S.Glovackas presented ITUC/PERC-FNV implementing project on Informal labour relations. The synergy between the both programs was discussed.

On October 29 ITUC/PERC-FNV Informal Economy project CITUM Montenegro work group meeting took place. National Project Coordinator N.Turcinovic presented project activities, mapping paper prepared on November last year.

The CTUM prepared and released booklets with information on IE workers rights, negative results of illegal work and about TU contacts. Booklets were distributed during Regional CITUM organizations in 3 regions - Podgorica, BeloPole and Budva in the construction, commercial and service enterprises.

Number of meetings was held about IE question with Work Inspection and National Employment Agency (but not with IE workers). Furthermore in Fridays national television special program about Trade Unions the information about the IE initiatives was presented and the workers of the respective sectors were invited to approach unions.

In Montenegro a high number of foreign workers are engaged in IE, particularly in tourism and construction sectors: total in 2008 year there were 59.000 permissions for foreigners to work in Montenegro issued , this is twice more than the number of registered unemployed in the country. Many workers do not have the permissions, mostly seasonal workers from - Serbia, BiH, Albania, Romania, and Ukraine. Works conditions in IE sector especially in construction are very difficult, last year 30 people died during accidents at work places.

The participants agreed to concentrate on touristic region of Budva with special campaigning, by the means of leafleting and indoor meetings. Campaign results will be presented during round table meeting on May.