More than 10 000 people will block the town of Mioveni tomorrow

On Wednesday the workers of Dacia Renault manufacturing plant, members of Dacia Automobile Trade Union, start the series of protests decided by the National Council of BNS with a large manifestation on the plateau of the Culture Hall in Mioveni. The protest is organized in compliance with the law between 1.00 and 2.30 pm.

The grievances accumulated over a long time bring out in the streets more than 10 000 persons, both trade union members of the car construction sector and workers of other industrial sectors that have been affected by the incoherent, short sighted policies of the Government.

Just as BNS warned at the end of last week the social tension grows from one day to the next and is caused solely by the chaotic, crazy/giddy manner in which the political class is governing Romania

The workers in Arges will get out in the street to demand from the Government and the political class to urgently solve a series of critical problems that produce tragic economic and social effects.

One of these problems is the investment in transport infrastructure, that is the necessity of investment in the fastest possible completion of the construction work for Pitesti – Sibiu highway.

This highway interchange is vital for Dacia Renault to maintain a competitive market position and to ensure job stability/safety and a decent income for the employees, and for the sub-assembly and auto-component industry that cannot function in the absence of a decent road infrastructure while it provides for the existence of 150 000 workers and their families. Funding opportunities/resources for this interchange do exist, commitments with the EU do exist, and the necessity to prioritize the construction work couldn’t possibly be denied. What lacks is the political will!

The trade unionists of BNS that will take to the streets in Mioveni tomorrow and those who will protest in other cities of Romania throughout all of March also demand from the Government that it take urgent measures to amend labor legislation. The legal framework that regulates the relations in the labor market at the moment is an unbalanced one and the political partners’ refusal to respect the commitment they signed with the social partners have brought about the degradation of the relations between the social partners at all levels.
The third problem is the disproportionate increase of the utilities price up to a figure that s very hard to stand by the population.

The Wednesday protest in Mioveni opens the series of actions at national level that were settled by BNS Council on 25th of February. The grievances and social tensions that have piled up in all economic sectors will bring out in the streets tens of thousands of people and the protests won t cease until the members of Government and the rep. of the political class understand that the real Romania confronts itself with tragic problems that have nothing to do with the political circus but call for urgent smart solutions.