NFS Project Workers’ Rights in the Baltic Countries

In 2016 NFS (Council of Nordic Trade Unions) launched a project with the purpose of looking at the theory and practice in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in regards to workers’ rights.

The project was initiated in september 2016 will continue untill the fall of 2017 and will include an independent and impartial analysis of the Baltic Countries: Determining whether any given legislation or practice complies with the ILO Core Conventions and Convention 144 on Social Dialogue. The project is carried out in close cooperation with NFS colleagues in the Baltic trade unions.

Here you can find the first two reports that have been produced by the NFS project.
The first paper is researcher Markku Sippolas analysis of the Ideological underpinnings of the development of social dialogue and industrial relations in the Baltic States.
The second paper is professor Niklas Bruuns analysis of the Baltic States and the Core Conventions of the ILO.


Markku Sippola
Niklas Bruun