NIS: Crisis and trade unions

The PERC, in cooperation with the FES, organized a regional conference “Trade unions and crisis” in Minsk, 26-27 of October. Trade union representatives from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan took part in the conference.

The conference discussed the main features of the crisis and its implications on the labour markets, challenges and opportunities that the crisis brought to trade union movement. The discussion focused on:

-  implications of crisis on labour relations
-  implications of crisis on systems of hiring workers
-  role of International Financial Institutions in combating the crisis
-  examples of efficient trade union policy

Bela Galgoszi, senior researcher of the European Trade Union Institute, explained the specifics of crisis in Central and Eastern Europe, and the particular vulnerability of the countries to it. The Director of the Washington office of Global Unions Peter Bakvis briefed participants about the crisis loans of the International Monetary Fund, particularly addressing the emergency loans to Belarus and Ukraine. The IMF and World Bank representatives in Belarus took part in the discussion.

B.Galgoczi presentation