NIS SEE Trade Union Communications network meeting

The annual trade union communications network meeting took place on the 7th of December 2023.

Trade unions officers from SEE and NIS joined an on-line half-day session to learn and discuss the outcomes of PERC General Assemble as well as get more details about the ITUC’s New Social Contract.

Anton Leppik, PERC Executive Secretary, introduced the results of the major PERC event, where the new PERC leadership was elected as well as presented the logic behind the new PERC programme for the coming four years: United for a new social contract for Europe. He encouraged the communications experts to spread the word about key Trade Union activities and solidarity campaigns such as the European Demonstration on the 12 of December 2023 under the slogan ‘Together Against Austerity’.

Philippe Gousenbourger from ITUC Campaigns and Communications department mentioned key elements of New Social Contract, including rights, jobs and wages around which ITUC’s communications agenda is built around. He also introduced ITUC’s events and activities yearly calendar, the instrument for affiliates with important international trade union dates and events which they can cover and/or join. He also described how the department is functioning and shared some practical advice with the communications network.

During the roundtable participants expressed concerns that it is getting more difficult for union to communicate on the key challenges, such as for example wages in most of the countries. They also mentioned that a lot of efforts on the national level goes to education and awareness raising both for the union communications officers as well as union members. There were suggestions to alternate the informative sessions on international campaigns and aspects with the practical session on day-to-day communications operation.

Participants expressed hope to resume the practice of face-to-face meetings that would give a fresh boost to the solidarity and exchange of information flow between the affiliates, the members of the network.