NPGU Youth Against Pressure From the Security Service of Ukraine

The NPGU Youth Committee of the Western Donbas are indignant at lawlessness and pressure on the trade unions and their leaders who carried out a number of protest actions and demonstration in April-June 2015. With slogans “We live in a democratic country!” and “Stop pressure and persecution!” the young NPGU (the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine) members organized a flash mob in social media.

The youth keep in mind the words of President Poroshenko who has reiterated several times that the youth should be heard and that the future of the country could be ensured by the young and sensible people standing on their positions of rights and freedoms’ protection, and rigorous implementation of the fundamental law – the Constitution of Ukraine.

Most of the NPGU youth perform a hard work in mines and risk their health and life, dreaming about a better future for Ukraine. However after the III Miners’ Congress the activists have been called to the SSU for questioning about the protests and were requested not to leave their oblasts without prior notification and permission of the Security Service of Ukraine.