National Workshop „ European Social Charter in Promotion and Protection of Human, Workers and Trade union Rights in Serbia“, Belgrade, 10 June 2009

The ITUC-PERC, in cooperation with its affiliates UGS „Nezavisnost“ and the Confederation of Autonomous Unions of Serbia (CATUS), organized a national Workshop „ European Social Charter in Promotion and Protection of Human, Workers and trade union Rights in Serbia“ , on 10 June 2009 in Belgrade, with the support of Norwegian trade union centre LO-Norway.

It is interesting that Serbia recently ratified the Revised European Social Charter and it’s full text was published in the Official Gazzette with the information that will be in force as from 10 June 2009.

The activity was held on that day what gave to the event particular weight.

The objective of the Workshop included understanding of the European Social Charter, fundamental economic, social and cultural rights, industrial relations, the right to strike and the social dialogue in the EU enlargement process. The main items were presented by two lawyers from both TU Confederations who are members of the SEE TU Nework of legal experts, in charge of monitoring and participating in the proces of harmonisation of the national legislations with the European standards.

Some 28 trade union lawyers and other experts, representatives of the trade union women and youth structures took part in the Workshop.Ms. Siri Relling from the LO Norway, solidarity support organisation, participated too. Participants became aware that the European Social Charter guarantees social and economic human rights and that the European Committee of Social rights is the body responsible for monitoring compliance in the States Parties. They believe that full implementation of the adopted articles of the ESC and rights guaranteed by that document will be a challenge for Serbian Government, and for the trade unions as well.

ITUC/PERC SEE Office Sarajevo