New PERC youth committee

The PERC Youth conference conducted on occasion of the ETUC youth conference "A quality education for a quality job!” and supported financially by the FES elected a new youth committee for the 2-year term.

Ms. Tugba Balci, HAK-Is, was elected President of the PERC Youth Committee while Mr. Michael Wagner, DGB, Ivana Prnjat, CTUM, and Daniela Aleksieva, KNSB, were elected as Vice-Presidents. The four will be delegated to the ITUC youth committee.

The PERC Youth Committee is composed by:

Tugba Balci, HAK-Is, President
Michael Wagner, DGB, Vice-President
Ivana Prnjat, Vice-President
Daniela Aleksieve, Vice-President

Pierre Ledecq, CSC
Goda Neveruskaite, LPSK
Lasha Bliadze, GTUC
Malin Norberg, Lo-Sweden
Oksana Abboud, Ukraine